Thursday, June 21, 2012

Winter sale!

Once upon a time I was super excited by a sale. Any sale. What a bargain-tastic opportunity! Half price socks! Whoohoo!

Now, when even Officeworks has a $1 table, I am suffering from GFC sale fatigue. There are just too many bargains to be had. I can't keep up. The novelty has worn off and the thrill is gone.

But once in a while I spot a sale that resurrects those bargain-hunting jollies.

Pop into Pussycat Black and check out our range of Melbourne made goodness. On sale! Not a single crate from China in sight.

Reductions include:

Livia Arena's Fall dress, Drape cashmere coat and Silkie Jumpers at 25% off.

25% off beautiful Kuwaii cuts & colours

Amazing Fool Merino knits in the most incredible colours you have ever seen. 10% off.

Ella's lovingly made unique stand out pieces are 10% off.

Limited time only. So be quick!