Monday, February 2, 2009

The true story of Little Red Riding Hood

One day a small woman in a red cloak was frolicking through the woods on her way to her Grandmother's house to deliver a picnic basket full of ginger biscuits and lemonade. Unfortunately, the small woman forgot that ginger biscuits and lemonade are amongst the favorite foods of wolves, who also enjoy devouring small women in red cloaks.

The small woman was skipping along merrily when out from behind a tree the wolf - we'll call him George - jumped. The small woman, who was completely unprepared for such an incident, fell on her backside, dropping the picnic basket and spilling all her delicious lemonade. This ruckus made thirsty old George even more peckish and he opened his jaws, fangs glowing in the twilight, saliva oozing every where.

The small woman screamed and George decided not to go for the jugular. The small woman assumed that her screaming had worked, so she kept on going until her throat went red raw, which was a complete waste of time, as she was wrong. George didn't care about the screaming. It was the small woman's cameo brooch, with a tree in the middle, that stopped him dead in his tracks. It was stunning, and George, who had quite a good eye-for-style, especially for a wolf, knew that he could never eat anyone with such impeccable taste.

As fast as he could, George ran off to check out the Pussycat Black blog where he discovered that the brooch was made by Buttontree.

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