Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Belt it, belt it good

Okay, so I have many guilty pleasures. Watching Brothers and Sisters while thinking that Rob Lowe's character isn't that bad even though he's a republican, playing the computer game Plants vs Zombies with my (too) young daughter, 'accidentally' letting my dog run out the gate when I can't be bothered taking him for a walk. But what I love most is looking at 'style' blogs where 'ordinary' people post pictures of themselves, showcasing their daily outfit. One of my faves would have to be Academic Chic. So some of the fashions are a little dubious. But there is something so generous about it, as though these women genuinely want to demonstrate that fashion can be accessible and democratic and completely unwanky.

Which brings me to these Midge belts. I know for a fact that A would absolutely love them. She belts everything. Cardis, jeans, dresses, skirts, shirts. And it really suits her. I love the light tan one myself, but if I know A, she'd be all about chocolate brown. Yummy.

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