Monday, September 7, 2009

Artechoke Prism

If I were a sci-fi author I might consider writing a novel entitled Artichoke Prism. It would be a dystopic futuristic tale of a world where the only available food is the prickly and intimidating artichoke. Not surprisingly, many in this world are starving and it is therefore highly fashionable to be fat.

Cool as a cucumber label, Artechoke have not only adopted an alternate spelling of the word, but they have channeled their inspiration differently. Rather than focus on science fiction, they have created a collection entitled Prism, which they describe as, 'an exploration of minimalist construction.' Included in this collection is this LBD, a piece of which I own many, yet continue to have a hankering for more, more, MORE!! I especially love this version, with the rounded hem and flattering v-neckline. Perhaps I could wear it to the launch of Artichoke Prism when I am rich and famous.

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