Wednesday, April 1, 2009

PCB and the three Hambs

Like most creative souls, Pussycat Black (PCB) had a tendency towards mischief. Always on the lookout for shiny new trinkets with which to adorn herself, PCB stumbled upon a lovely little label called Hamb.

'Hamb, Hamb!' PCB called out but nobody answered. As she was just about to leave Hamb-land (PCB was no snoop), a bone and mustard tartan wool skirt suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

'Ooooh, I just have to have that,' PCB exclaimed as the skirt fit snugly across her hips.

She knew she should leave right away. But once the compulsion kicks in...

'OMFG!' She said again. Infantile abbreviated-text-message-speak always signaled danger and PCB quickly smuggled an amazing charcoal wool skirt into her bag.

'I suppose I need a top now,' PCB muttered. So it must have been fate that caused a red and white stripe 3/4 tee to suddenly envelope her torso.

PCB quickly checked for security cameras before darting out the door. When she got home she called her sponsor. 'Rita, I've had a relapse,' she confessed. 'But it was sooo worth it!'

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